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100052 - Three Pieces for Cello Trio

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Composer: Nottle  (arr.  )

These three pieces by the Australian composer John Nottle are a fantastic choice for your student groups. There is a little tenor clef but none of the parts goes beyond 6th position. Even though the notes are not too hard there are rhythmic and harmonic challenges that will keep your students interested and engaged. The first piece, "G Whiz!" has some really great but not too hard rhythmic interest. The second piece, "Tango" is really moody and interesting -- it sounds to me like a tango in a haunted house. The last movement, "Playground" uses all kinds of tonal effects like col legno, ponticello, Bartok pizz, etc. These pieces are really fun as well as a learning experience. Be sure to take a look!

Price:  $20.00

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