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All students attending the 2021 NCI will attend 3 or 4 classes each day.

WARM-UP CLASS: This large group class will focus on the fundamentals of proper cello technique — posture, balance, flexibility, tone production, etc. The class will be between 30 and 50 minutes each day.

TECHNIQUE CLASS: For this this small group class students will be grouped by age and level. The focus of the class will be techniques specific to the level of the class.

LESSON CLASS: In this class students will receive a short private lesson each day. There will be 4 students in each class for students in Cello Course Books 1-4. There will be 3 students in each class for students in Cello Course Books 5 and up.

In addition to these classes students in Books 5 and up will be enrolled in CELLO ORCHESTRA.

We are offering a special class for teachers called WARM-UPS FOR HAPPY CELLISTS.

During NCI 2021, Carey Beth Hockett will be teaching three special warm-up classes with students in Books 2-3, 4-5, and 6-7. In these classes she will share a variety of warm-up exercises she has designed over the decades to help cellists develop balance and freedom at the instrument, and to keep their brains and ears engaged. Teachers who register for this course will have the opportunity to observe and play along (muted and with videos off) during the first part of the classes and then participate in a discussion with Carey for the last 20 minutes of each hour. Registered teachers may join any or all of these classes.

Enrollment will be limited to 20 teachers. There will be a tuition fee for this class.

TEACHER OBSERVERS: All teachers not enrolled in the WARM-UPS FOR HAPPY CELLISTS course are invited to observe any of the other NCI class free of charge. If you want to observe, please submit a registration form even though there is no fee. That way we will have your contact information.

CONCERTS: We will broadcast pre-recorded concerts and recitals at a specific time each day. Students who want to participate will be asked to record and submit their performance in advance of the NCI. More details will be sent to people who register.


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