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The National Cello Institute is planning to present some virtual recitals online during the week that NCI was supposed to have happened. These recitals will not be live streamed but recorded in advance. If you would like to be included in one of these recitals, please read the following guidelines and follow them to the best of your ability.

Please Note: submissions will be screened for quality purposes.

Make a video recording of your polished recital piece. As with past NCI recitals we ask you to prepare single piece or a single movement to present on the recital.
When recording:

  • Wear your usual recital clothes.
  • If at all possible please use a remote microphone for the best sound.
  • Be sure that you sit close to the microphone.
  • Be sure that your image fills the video screen. We want to see ALL of you (and your cello) but we do not need to see a lot of the room you are in.
  • Try to have good lighting on you as you play.We would prefer that you do not use virtual backgrounds – we are more interested in seeing and hearing YOU!
  • If you have someone in your house to accompany you please have them play with you. If you do not, simply play your piece alone without accompaniment.

When you have finished your recording, please do NOT email the files to me. The easiest and quickest thing to do is put your recording on the cloud with DropBox, Google Docs, etc. and send me the link.

When you send me the email link please use the subject line to give me your name and the name of the piece you are submitting. In the message box please include the details about the piece: Composer name, movement (if appropriate), the length of the piece (in minutes), your age, and your teacher’s name.

I plan to assemble the recital recordings in iMovie and then upload them to YouTube (or some other place). I plan to make them private until the broadcast which will be made public. Then I will make them private again after.

If you cannot figure out any other way to do it you may send the MP4 files to (again I say, please do NOT send to

I will need the recording no later that June 1. 2020.

I look forward to seeing your performance!

Rick Mooney

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